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This site is for small business people that are ready to start or run a small business. We have put together hundreds of original pages, ready for you to access and benefit from. You can access our articles, guides, and resources anytime you need them. Thinking about starting your own business? Here are informational tools that can help you determine what you will need.

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LINK: Web based consultancy also offers copywriting, planning, project management and training.

LINK: Consulting and pay-per-click, SEO, and social networking campaigns. Engage your audience by personalising each email.

LINK: Provides full-service research firm specializing in customer-focused new product development, product testing, clinics, focus groups, telephone, and mail studies.

LINK: Business Dictionary - cost budget - definition of cost budget: Financial plan prepared for every major expense category, such as administrative cost, financing cost, production cost.

LINK: Products and Services - Temperature Probes, Chimney and H Cowls, Tankers and Access, Hoists and Electric, Instrument Manifolds, Sheeting and Systems, Flight and School, Procurement and NVQ, Local Bridge Works, Welding and Controllers ...

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