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LINK: Cart application that can be configured for PayPal and credit card processing. Includes demo of product.

LINK: Web design, project management, maintenance, and banners. Offers design, hosting, programming, and e-commerce services.

LINK: Marketing and sales management consultancy works with clients to build customer base, maximize sales effectiveness, increase profitability and improve communication with new and prospective customers. Naples, FL.

LINK: Business Dictionary - sales territory - definition of sales territory: Geographical area or type of customers assigned to a sales unit such as salesperson, sales manager, franchisee, distributor, or agent.

LINK: Products and Services - Employee and Benefits, Toilet Products, Heat Pipe Manufacture, Valves and Non-Ferrous, Tungsten Carbide, Temperature Switches, Plastic and Wallets, Display Shrinkfilm, Safety Workwear, Gaskets and Sealants ...

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