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This site is for small business people that are ready to start or run a small business. We have put together hundreds of original pages, ready for you to access and benefit from. You can access our articles, guides, and resources anytime you need them. Thinking about starting your own business? Here are informational tools that can help you determine what you will need.

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LINK: Specializes in personal letters, and personalized gift certificates to recent home movers.

LINK: Offers SEO, print marketing, and web design. Offering web site design specializing in web, graphic and print design.

LINK: Our websites are always written up to W3C standards. Rather than using programs like Dreamweaver we write our web pages by hand in a text editor. This reduces the amount of code used and makes pages load faster.

LINK: Business Dictionary - puisne - definition of puisne: Junior or subordinate in rank. A puisne mortgage, for example, is junior in its claim on the mortgaged asset than the preceding or senior mortgage(s).

LINK: Products and Services - Milking Technology, Pumps and Contractors, Flight and School, Firearms and Shotguns, Van and Ladder, Clamps, Valves and Hydrant, Compressors and Spares, Plastic Bottle Tops, Foam and Closed Cell, Telecom and Marketing ...

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