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This site is for small business people that are ready to start or run a small business. We have put together hundreds of original pages, ready for you to access and benefit from. You can access our articles, guides, and resources anytime you need them. Thinking about starting your own business? Here are informational tools that can help you determine what you will need.

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LINK: Provides basic static pages to fully dynamic databased driven content to e-commerce solutions.

LINK: Offers shared hosting. Supports PHP, Perl and MySQL. Design and development services. Website development and hosting.

LINK: The rapid increase in internet shopping and ordering is well known. An e-commerce web site not only allows you to take advantage of this expanding market place but also helps to reduce administrative costs.

LINK: Business Dictionary - cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis - definition of cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis: Alternative term for breakeven analysis.

LINK: Products and Services - Roofing and Repairs, Plastic and Stockists, Chemical Degreasing, Dairy Producers, Satellite and Top Boxes, Quality Improvement, Measurement Software, Rubber and Fabrication, Catering Products, Slurry Surfacing ...

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