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This site is for small business people that are ready to start or run a small business. We have put together hundreds of original pages, ready for you to access and benefit from. You can access our articles, guides, and resources anytime you need them. Thinking about starting your own business? Here are informational tools that can help you determine what you will need.

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LINK: Web-oriented programming. Designing games, presentations, multimedia applications.

LINK: Search engine promotion, web design, database design and e-commerce solutions. Windows 2000 and Linux hosting.

LINK: Multimedia design services addresses requirements such as CD-ROM presentations, Flash development, Flash video animations, Flash graphics and video art direction, etc.

LINK: Business Dictionary - sterling overnight interbank average (SONIA) - definition of sterling overnight interbank average (SONIA): Average of the overnight deposit rates paid by the London's largest banks on a given day.

LINK: Products and Services - PCB and Low Volume, Data Storage and Remote, Vacuum Bags and Food, Taxation Services, Sprocket Wheels, Lifts and Custom Built, Plastic and Extrusions, Riveting Service, Gears and Internal, Test Equipment and NDT ...

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