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Products & Services - Useful Links for Business

LINK: Offering website design and hosting. Specializing in personal and small business clients.

LINK: Offers internet and intranet development, and e-commerce solutions. Offers design, hosting, and programming services.

LINK: A forms-based website content management system enabling those with only basic computer skills to edit and update web pages. Versions available for single webmasters or teams of contributors.

LINK: Business Dictionary - data owner - definition of data owner: Entity that can authorize or deny access to certain data, and is responsible for its accuracy, integrity, and timeliness.

LINK: Products and Services - Training and Security, Gas and Separators, Fuel Tanks and Hire, Printers and Rugged, Sphygmomanometers, Chemical Cleaning, Vehicle Distribution, Cheese and Wholesalers, Dimming Controls, Consultants and Telecom ...

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